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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The boss"

"Very friendly staff who greet us by name, and who are very helpful. Locally-owned - that is important."

"Personnel are friendly and efficient."

"The staff"

"Great customer service"

"One of the pharmacists went out of his way to answer an inquiry of mine. He even did research, after I left, that he give me later on. Thank you!"

"Best staff in the county!"

"Great staff"

"Always friendly and helpful"


"I love the fact that you know me and always make me feel like I am your only customer."

"Free delivery; vitamin program; friendly staff"


"The cashiers; and you're efficient."

"The people that work there :)"

"All of the above qualities"


"Convenience, and friendly staff!"

"The local community feeling. I can get any problems taken care of right away. Staff goes above and beyond to help."

"I can walk to it, and the clerks are always great."

"Customer service"


"Everything is good. The deliveries really help me out."

"How friendly everyone is. They will go out of their way to help if you are having an issue!"


"Helpful and friendly staff"

"The friendly faces and kind staff. They are always available to answer my questions and will carefully explain things when I don't understand them the first time. Everyone is very helpful there!"

"Amazing employees!"

"Staff is so helpful and just all around nice."


"I worked there, and have also been a customer for over 50 years!"

"Easy to use, and you deliver."

"The employees - they are always having fun and have smiles on their faces."

"The people!!! They are soooo… friendly and helpful. We started with Cloney's when we moved here in 2000 and have stayed with them even when we moved to the other end of town. It's nice knowing they'll be there in the future. We also love the delivery option!"

"Staff knows who I am and is always willing to go out of their way to help me."

"Remembers me; on time; local; friendly; not Walgreens"

"Delivery option and kindness"

"Local personalized service"

"Efficient; concern for the patients' needs; always friendly; can trust my meds will be delivered to me right on time"

"You always take care of me."



"The staff are wonderful and very nice, from the ladies up front to the delivery person."

"Great staff"


"The people! They know their customers and always treat them with courtesy. Plus, they seem to really enjoy their jobs."

"Friendly, helpful, and efficient staff. :-)"

"Friendly neighbors that remember you."

"Friendly, yet professional, and helpful when you have questions."

"So far no gripes. It's good service, and I'm a hard customer to serve. Thank you so much, from us who are less fortunate."

"Great people"

"All the friendly staff. Everyone is so helpful. I feel as if they are real and true friends."

"Very convenient"

"It has the family feel that I remember pharmacies having when I was a child in the 70's."

"It is local. The pharmacist always answers my questions in a respectful manner. They go and above and beyond to help me and make sure I understand any changes from my insurance."

"The people are awesome, the refill app is pretty cool, and the pharmacy carries a fabulous array of Lindor Truffles."

"You have very good products inside your shop and the "spend $25 get $10 off" is great!!! I practically go there every week!"

"Fast and friendly"

"Love the staff"

"Regardless of the phasing out of community based pharmacies to corporate driven pharm factories who see dollar signs and not people, you have stayed your course in the face of opposition and put the community, and the care of its people, above all else!"

"You have been my pharmacy for over 20 years! You have always been great."

"Friendly; fast; helpful"

"Friendly help"

"Friendly and fast service"

"Very helpful staff"

"Liz, the receptionist, is awesome."

"You guys are great."

"Efficiency of staff"

"The only one I will deal with. Been a customer for 71 years."

"Personal and reliable service, and every encounter is friendly and helpful. Truly the best pharmacy I've ever had. Thank You!"

"I have never experienced service like I get from your pharmacy. The pharmacists are spot on with every request. Everyone is so caring about getting my medication to me as soon as possible, which is usually the same day that I either call, or my Dr. faxes a request."

"The people are great and handle my many medications well. They are very fast and efficient! Last month I ordered something and within the hour, it was delivered to my door."

"They are intelligent and helpful."

"You guys are so friendly, nice, and have great service."

"Staff is amazing and very knowledgeable."

"That you give notice on important medication."

"Everything! I love you all! Happy New Year Everyone!"

"Friendly service"

"The pharmacists are willing to talk to you anytime about anything. The staff are always friendly no matter how busy they are."

"Friendly staff; prompt service"

"People; service; friendliness"

"Staff is so genuinely friendly! I never hear a forced, or fake, comment that employees are told to say like, "Are you finding everything okay?" Thank you! Believe it or not, that means a lot to me."

"People; local"

"The people, the snacks (Lindt truffles and Rocky Mountain Popcorn), and the wonderful gifts that are so nicely displayed and always seasonal!"

"Everyone is so nice!"

"The people"

"Efficient; friendly; reliable"

"Personal assistance from employees"

"When I walk in, I get greeted with a "hi" followed by my first name. That's why I love this local pharmacy."

"You are a local business, patients are not just numbers, and you know us by name when we walk in the door. I have been a customer for about 20 years or so and would never go anywhere else!"

"The staff"

"Good people that do all they can to help, and with a SMILE."

"Your people skills"

"Great employees who help manage cost and time."

"You are friendly every time. I LOVE that you deliver! You have beautiful items in your stores."

"They remember who I am."

"Locally owned"

"Customer service"


"The people and their attitude. It is a pleasure to do business with you!"

"The employees!"

"Friendly and efficient"

"I like the staff and their efficiency."

"Friendly staff that makes me feel welcome and not like a commodity."

"It is a professional and efficient pharmacy with personable people that I like."

"Everyone is amazingly helpful and friendly!!"

"They know you."

"Very helpful with exploring payment options."

"Friendly; local; not a big chain pharmacy full of a bunch junk for sale that I don't need"

"That in my 53 years, you have been a constant in my life from childhood to adulthood. Love that you're local!!!!"


"Friendly staff"

"Great people! Very helpful! Super friendly!"

"Staff are always friendly and helpful!"

"The staff"

"Love this app"

"Staff is super friendly and helpful."

"The staff is AMAZING and efficient. Their website and mobile app are convenient and user friendly. They have FREE delivery from all three locations, and McKinleyville has a drive-thru which helps when I'm in my pajamas. ;)"

"The people are the best!"

"Personal service and attention by a knowledgeable and caring staff."

"Location; friendly staff members"

"Customer service"

"The people!"

"Their friendliness and quickness"

"You make me feel comfortable."

"The people"

"Good history"

"Everything! I wouldn't go anywhere else, EVER!"

"I love you guys. You treat me like family. Everyone knows who I am, well.... they should, as I've used this pharmacy for about 25 years! LOL You couldn't pay me enough to go anywhere else!"

"Awesome people!!"

"I LOVE that you deliver to Redwoods Rural Health Clinic!!! Thank you so much from all of us in SoHum!"

"The staff"

You can help Cloney's Red Cross Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!