We are offering Free Prescription Delivery and Curbside Pick-up for our patients during this time!

There is also a convenient drive thru at Cloney’s McKinleyville Pharmacy!

Because of the increase in call volume, please take advantage of our digital refill systems we have available.

Please refill through the website or the mobile app!

Ask us about our Dispill blister packaging services

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Our Locations


Cloney’s Prescription Pharmacy


Cloney’s Red Cross Pharmacy

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Cloney’s McKinleyville Pharmacy


Caring for you since 1902

Cloney’s Pharmacies operates as Red Cross Pharmacy, Prescription Pharmacy, McKinleyville Pharmacy, and Long Term Care Pharmacy. We began in 1902 with Red Cross Pharmacy. We opened our second location, the Prescription Pharmacy, in 1963. Our Long Term Care Pharmacy opened in 2011 to focus exclusively on the needs of patients and providers in skilled nursing facilities, care homes, assisted living facilities and other healthcare agencies. McKinleyville Pharmacy was opened in 2014 to service the needs of patients in McKinleyville and surrounding area, and to expand the scope of our compounding services with a dedicated non-sterile compounding lab.

Across all of our locations, we have maintained a standard of excellent customer service. To ensure that our customers have a convenient experience, we offer services such as free delivery from Trinidad to King Salmon, prescription synchronization and compliance packaging. Cloney’s has been providing prescription and medical services to the community for more than a century, and we look forward to serving Humboldt County for many years to come.

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Refill On-The-Go

Refill your medications 24/7 when you're on-the-go or in the comfort of your home.


Pill Reminder

Set reminders to take your medication or when it's time to request a refill.

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User Profiles

Safely store your information and manage your list of prescriptions.

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Delivery Options

Request a refill with a single click and have it delivered to your door.


Special Services



We offer a wide range of compounding services, including veterinary, pain, hospice and hormone replacement therapy.


Durable Medical Equipment

We carry a wide selection of medical equipment, including ambulatory aids, nebulizers and bathroom equipment.


Long Term Care

We provide medications and consultant pharmacy services to long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.



We offer a variety of vaccines to keep you healthy. Contact us to learn more about our immunizations.